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Residential Roofing

Nothing provides more protection for your home than a quality roof installed by the professionals at Dan Faith. Increase the beauty and value of your home by customizing your roof with your choice of materials, style, and color. Our shingle and metal roofs are custom designed and ordered according to your specifications with our experts guiding you through the process.

We handle all details, beginning with a full inspection of your roof. Let our technicians help you determine whether you need a new roof or if your existing roof can be repaired, whether a new roof can be installed over your existing roof or if a tear-off would be advised. We pull the permits and handle all finishing touches, including proper ventilation to maximize the life of your roof. Estimates are free.

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Owens Corning shingles

We are proud to be an Owens Corning preferred contractor.  From traditional shingles to creating a high-end look with multiple colors and shades, your design is sure to be unique and superior in quality. Upgrade your home with the following Owens Corning products:

  • Oakridge® shingles provide a warm, upscale look in several popular colors. Includes a limited lifetime warranty, with 110/130 MPH wind resistance limited warranty and 10 year algae resistance limited warranty.


  • TruDefinition® Duration® shingles create a truly high-end look with a choice of colors combined in contrasting and complementary groups to give a dimensional look to your roof. Its moderate price point makes this a great choice for most homeowners. Includes SureNail® Technology, a limited warranty for algae resistance, enhanced wind warranty coverage of 130 MPH, and a Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as you own your home (transferrable up to one time).



  • TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors Collection is for those who want to take their roof a step further, with intense colors and contrasts that create maximum vibrance and dimension. Like TruDefinition® Duration® shingles, the Designer Colors Collection includes SureNail® Technology, a limited warranty for algae resistance, enhanced wind warranty coverage of 130 MPH, and a Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as you own your home (transferrable up to one time)

Metal roofing

Today’s metal roofing can be an attractive and economical choice for homeowners. Our metal roofing panels and accessories are designed and cut specifically for your home. Components come in a variety of popular colors and are building code gauge.

Talk to our professionals about your metal roof options, including ribbed panels and standing seams. Although the initial cost of a metal roof is higher than a shingle roof, metal roofs can provide several advantages, including durability and insulation quality.

Attic ventilation protects your roof

Inadequate or nonexistent ventilation of your attic will shorten the life of your roof, sometimes by several years. That’s why we inspect your ventilation system when we inspect your roof, and ensure that every new roof we install includes appropriate ventilation that will keep your roof healthy and vibrant.

Keeping air moving in your attic is the key to preventing the build-up of extreme heat in the summer and ice dams in the winter. Both can seriously damage your shingles. Ventilation also prevents moisture that can lead to unhealthy attic mold. The key is creating equal flow of air in and out of your attic, using ridge vents for exhaust and soffit vents for intake.

Warranties provided by most major shingle manufacturers require adequate attic ventilation. Our professionals design your ventilation system based upon the size of your attic, so you have exactly the right amount of ventilation to protect your roof, your home and your family.