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Residential Roof Replacement

When it’s time to replace your roof, we customize your metal or shingle roof so it both protects and enhances your home. Rely on our team to work with you quickly and efficiently, completing your project to your specifications.

Whether your current roof is asphalt shingles or metal, inspection and maintenance should be part of your regular routine to avoid the risk of damage to your home due to a leaky roof. An asphalt shingle roof will generally last 25 years, while a metal roof may give you several more years of service. Our professionals will examine your roof for signs of wear and age before planning your roof replacement.

Missing shingles, missing granules or curled edges usually indicate that a shingle roof is past its life. Metal roofs may show signs of rust or corrosion. We will advise you as to the need for a new roof and whether we can install over your existing roof or will need to tear off your existing roof first.

If your roof needs to be replaced because of storm damage, we will handle all details with your insurance company, including estimates and filing of your claim.

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