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Window Replacement

Replacement windows for your home are probably one of the best investments you can make, whether you plan to stay in your home indefinitely, or plan to sell in the near future. This is because windows have the biggest impact on your comfort level in your home. Stand in front of an old or low quality window on a cold day in Northeast Ohio, and you will likely feel the draft that is making your furnace work overtime. On a hot summer day you’ll feel the heat radiating in.

Our professionals meet with you in your home to help you choose the best energy efficient windows for your budget, in vinyl or wood frames. We handle all the measurements, provide you with a free estimate and schedule installation at your convenience. We can usually install all your replacement windows in one day. Choose from a variety of styles, shapes and colors, and receive lifetime warranty windows that are easy to maintain and will keep your home comfortable and secure.

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Return on investment

If you are replacing the windows in your home at the advice of your real estate agent, call the professionals at Dan Faith for an estimate that will get you the best return. Most of the time, vinyl windows will bring a more than 70% return on your investment, making them a better choice than wood. But if you are replacing windows strictly to sell your home, you will want to avoid the top of the line options.

Our professionals will be happy to review your options for getting the best return when you sell your home. Usually a solid, mid-priced window will dramatically improve the appearance and feel of your home and not break your budget. Newer, low-maintenance windows are always attractive to buyers, so listen to your real estate agent and schedule your free estimate today.