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Storm damage

Severe storms, including high wind and hail, can seriously damage your roof, siding and windows. Our trained professionals can help you identify damage caused by a storm and determine your best options, from repair to replacement. We provide expert inspections and estimates so you can be assured of maximum insurance coverage for these unexpected issues.

Storms can cause damage in areas you may not be able to see. Our technicians check the vulnerable areas of your roof, including edges and flashing. We can repair chimneys, patio and garage roofs, gutters and downspouts that have been damaged by wind or debris. We provide a full inspection of siding and windows, including trim, so no damage is missed.

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Hail damage

Hail damage is usually quite visible on your car, but it is not always so obvious on your roof, and can even be tough to spot on siding if the hail is relatively small. If you have experienced a hail storm, it is usually best to call a professional to carefully inspect your home.

Our experts check every inch of your home, looking for small dents and chips in siding, gutters and window panes. We get on your roof to identify indentations or missing granules that you cannot see from the ground. While such damage can seem minor, and is frequently missed by homeowners, left unrepaired it can lead to much more serious problems when moisture begins seeping into roof shingles and behind siding into your walls.

At Dan Faith, we are happy to send one of our professionals to be sure damage is identified and repaired. We’ll give you a full report and handle the insurance claim for you.

Wind damage

When storms bring high wind, damage to your roof is often quite obvious. You may see entire areas of shingles that have peeled back or blown free completely. Siding and gutters may be peeled off or have come loose from fasteners. This type of damage needs careful and detailed repair to protect the interior of your home or business from moisture seepage.

Contact the professionals from Dan Faith for a thorough inspection of your home or business. We check the whole building, get on your roof, walk your lot, and we’ll identify damaged areas that may not be as prominent. We will handle your insurance claim and take care of repairs so that there are no surprises and you aren’t facing more expensive repairs later.