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One of the best ways to add value to your home is to choose new, quality siding. At Dan Faith, we have several options, from standard to premium, with upgrades in color, texture and insulation. We offer vinyl and polymer siding, as well as aluminum, from Certainteed, one of the most recommended brands by builders. All trim and accessories are available in all colors and styles.

Why choose vinyl siding? Today’s manufacturing techniques make vinyl siding an incredibly durable and versatile choice for homes and businesses, and it’s virtually maintenance free. You have the ability to truly enhance the curb appeal of any building and the comfort level of your home with new or replacement siding installed by our professionals. Call today for a free estimate.

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Advantages when you choose vinyl

  • Cost effective – Your savings on vinyl siding installed over installation costs of wood siding can be in the thousands, and vinyl is more durable than aluminum.
  • Versatility – With so many choices in color and texture, you can get the look of wood with the benefits of vinyl.
  • Durability – Vinyl performs better in storm conditions than aluminum, and it resists moisture.
  • Low maintenance – Because vinyl doesn’t rot, chip or fade, an occasional washing keeps it looking new.
  • Energy efficient – Unlike aluminum, insulated vinyl siding works with your wall insulation to provide maximum retention of your heat and cooling.

Vinyl vs. polymer

Technological advances in manufacture of vinyl siding have changed the way people design and improve the exterior of their homes. Vinyl offers options that allow people to create unique architectural looks without the burden of maintenance and repairs that are necessary as time takes its inevitable toll on traditional materials, such as wood and steel.

Now homeowners and business owners also have the option of polymer siding, similar to vinyl siding, but with some specific advantages. Vinyl is a great choice for siding – durable and maintenance free. Polymer offers a bit of an upgrade for those who want it,

  • Vinyl siding is actually polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of plastic polymer that is extremely durable.
  • Polymer siding is the real deal, and its composition makes it even more durable and stronger than vinyl.
  • The added strength in polymer makes it extremely impact resistance, performing well in hail storms.
  • Because of its composition, polymer siding usually can be installed with fewer seams, sometimes eliminating them completely.